What is Social CRM?

All you need to know about CRM

 It is the way of organizing the technologies and techniques. It enables the organization to cooperate with their customers. It is the way of using social media for different access. Its tools allow business to better engage with their customers. It has the ability to create custom content. It adds a deeper layer of-of information into traditional customer relationship management. It enables a company to track its customers. It also focuses on collecting and managing static customer data.

Application of Social CRM

It has two types of matrices based on its application. Metrics for building awareness and metrics for increasing sales. Metrics for building awareness includes

  • Search capacity tendency
  • Volume of groups
  • Social references
  • Web traffic

Metrics for increasing sales includes:

  • Social references
  • Volume of groups
  • Repeat appointments
  • Social content receipt rate

Importance of social CRM system for business-

It is using by large system to collects their user’s data. Nowadays having social CRM system is mandatory.

Top 5 social CRM systems –

Opti now Software-

It focuses on integration. It has an option called social collaboration. In this, the sales people can contact clients through social media channels. It provides tools and tracking of relevant information from marketing strategies. It focuses on the sales part of the business. A helpful tool for sales customers.

CRM Customer Relationship Management
CRM Customer Relationship Management


It was one of the most popular tools of social CRM. Salesforce provides rank1 amongst all the tools of social CRM. It also has an offline data option. It allows the users to save the profile picture and information of a customer. It has an ability to adapt. This system could not get outdated. It is more expensive than other tools. It is easy to use. It is less complex in nature.

Sage CRM-

It works for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It was designed for small and medium enterprises. Its engagement will strengthen the business. It offers CRM in two ways – Sage CRM cloud professionals and Sage CRM on premises. It is a North American subsidiary of a sage group. Case arrangement, mass email etc. are the part of Sage CRM cloud professionals. Sage CRM on premises includes advanced customization, advanced email managements, and component manager.


It is a very affordable social CRM system. It integrates basic and not-so-basic CRM functions. It has an ability to provide the point of contact between customers and business people. It also includes a social listening features. The customers who are more engaged with companies are preferred. It is helpful for performing tracking.


It designed for improving business customer’s services. It is affordable and convenient to use. It uses an algorithm to focus on the incoming messages. It also provides analytics that measures response time. It can access Social media. It is used for small and online business.

Conclusion –

CRM combined with social media networks. It delivers a more realistic and efficient method of obtaining and recalling clients. Any of this following CRM system will make a personal business and global method. It also helps a company to send a reliable brand message. .It has a capability to reach into a big share of possible customers.